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July 29, 2020

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Kitten Cat Rabies Shots with Roberto The Cat.

Hi. I’m Dr. Stram from Elk Grove Pet Clinic. I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about infant felline vaccinations.  Additionally, unless you plan to breed your pet, please spay neuter.

This is Roberto. He’s been a resident here for a little while. Hopefully, he won’t be a resident here for very long. He was a little stray that we took in. We’re trying to find a home for him hopefully soon.

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots build immunity.

Feline vaccinations are very important. We try to give infant felines their vaccinations in order to build up their immunity so that if they do become exposed to any viruses, they are able to fight these viruses off.

When you get a kitten from a breeder or a pet store, hopefully they will come with at least their first set of vaccinations. A lot of times that depends on how good the breeder is and how good the pet store is.

We recommend that vaccinations be given to kittens somewhere around 6, 9, 12, and 15 weeks of age. If everybody was to follow that and the breeder was to give the 6-week-shot and the pet store gave the 9-week-shot and then we would follow up with the 12 and the 15, everything would be good. However, everybody tends to follow a different vaccination schedule, and we do find that some breeders and a lot of pet stores will kind of skimp on the vaccines because they don’t want to have the expense. They are expecting that the animal will go to a home soon, and they don’t want to deal with the added expense of administering vaccines.

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots are often overdue.

Many times when we get these kittens in here at our clinic, they are overdue for their next set of shots. Thus, it’s a matter of trying to get the patients caught up and on the right course so that we can get the required vaccinations into them so that we can prevent disease.

Kitten Cat Rabies Shots include other vaccinations.

The typical vaccines that we give to kittens are the distemper series. We usually will add the Chlamydia shots in there. There are also the law-required rabies shots.

There are a couple of additional vaccines that can be given. We recommend giving a leukemia vaccine and a FIP vaccine if the pet is going to be an outdoor kitten that is exposed to other outdoor animals. An indoor feline that is strictly going to stay indoors probably just needs the basic distemper, Chlamydia, and rabies shots in order to keep them healthy.

It’s very important to build up these kittens’ immune systems in order to give them life-long protection.

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Rabies shots are required by law. If your cat even breaks a person’s skin, you can have much bigger legal problems if your cat does not have pet vaccinations.

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