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July 28, 2020

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Dog Arthritis Laser Therapy

Hi. This is Dr.  Stram from Elk Grove Pet Clinic. I want to talk to you about non-drug  therapy for arthritis treatment for geriatric pets.

Dog Arthritis Laser Therapy uses a Class IV LASER.

We have a Class IV laser that we use for a variety of treatments on  our dog (and cat) patients. It’s not limited to dogs and cats. It’s been used on horses. It’s been used in human medicine. It’s been used in exotic animal medicine.

It is a unique system of treatment that can be used to put energy into an area in order to aid in the healing process while reducing inflammation and pain. Another benefit is the increasing of the blood flow along with the increase in the ability for the area to heal.

We have a Companion therapy laser. It’s a Class IV. It’s a 10-watt unit. They had initially come out with a 4-watt unit. This 10-watt unit treats the animals 2.5 times faster than the 4-watt unit. The theory is to get a certain amount of energy (in the form of joules) into the pet’s area in order to perform the treatment.       Treatment with a 10-watt laser is relatively quick. Most treatments can be done anywhere between two minutes and eight minutes.

Dog Arthritis Laser Therapy uses a Class IV LASER

We’ve been using the laser to treat post-surgical sites. This helps to eliminate pain at the site. It also helps to increase the healing while decreasing the healing time of these incisions. We use them to treat ear infections while reducing the pain and swelling that exists in a badly infected ear. We treat skin conditions. This includes burns, scrapes, sores, and hot spots that respond well to this kind of therapy.

We use especially use this therapy to treat arthritis. We treat the animals that are in bad shape and might not be able to take some of the non-steroidal inflammatory drugs that we would normally use to treat arthritis in those patients. We can use laser therapy as an alternative and drug-free therapy.

Dog Arthritis Laser Therapy can be used Veterinary Acupuncture.

There are benefits to this kind of therapy. This includes the reduction of inflammation. It increases blood flow to the area in order to get things to heal more quickly. It is also a photostimulator of acupuncture points. All of the benefits that you would get from using acupuncture in a patient are connected to being able to stimulate those points with the laser therapy device. You get the same kind of benefit without having to use needles in order to stimulate those points.

Dog Arthritis Laser Therapy is a non-drug pet arthritis treatment.

We once had a dog that had lot of pain in her hips. She was trying to help herself and trying to heal herself and relieve the pain by licking her hip area. She had managed to lick her fur off this area just because she was trying to get it to feel better. We started her on a non steroidal anti-inflammatory because we knew that the dog was in pain. She then allowed all of her hair to grow back because the pain had gone away, and she wasn’t licking anymore. After a certain amount of time, we realized that she had developed kidney disease. She was an older dog. It is a disease that we see in older dogs. When we discovered that she did develop this kidney disease, we no longer wanted to keep her on the drug. This was because we were afraid that it might harm her kidneys further. We stopped the drug, and she started to lick her hair again. She licked all of the hair off her hips because of her pain. Then we started to use the Companion animal laser therapy on her. After four treatments, she stopped licking her hip area again. After six treatments, we noticed that most of her hair was growing back in that area. The dog now comes in for regular maintenance. About once a month, she gets treatments. She’s doing very, very well without the drug and without the side effects of the drug.

This  therapy may not work in every single patient, but it is definitely worth a try. We use it on a regular basis, especially with post-surgery declawed cats and with spays/neuters in dogs and cats. It does tend to relieve the pain and help the incisions heal a lot quicker.

It’s a nice alternative that we have. We enjoy using it, and we enjoy seeing the benefits of this therapy.

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Dog Arthritis Laser Therapy is a non-drug pet arthritis treatment. This Veterinary Laser treatment can also be used to reduce pain from spay neuter surgery.

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