July 29, 2020

Before You Trust Your Pet's Health To A Cut-Rate Vaccination Mill, Please Request A Quote.

Gita (Hoffman Estates IL ) Veterinary Reviews (April 08, 2019)

Gita (Hoffman Estates IL ) Veterinary Reviews (April 08, 2019) Veterinary Reviews Veterinary Reviews for Annual vaccinations/physical, Hoffman Esates, IL: I have lived in this area for many years and have never been satisfied with the vets we visited. I found this clinic online and liked the reviews that I read, so I thought we […]

Heather (Elk Grove Village IL) Best Dog Doctor (April 19 2018)

Dr. Stram is the BEST dog doctor I have ever encountered. He is so good to my dog that my dog does not want to leave when the time approaches

BunBun (Elk Grove Village IL ) Oral Bordetella Vaccine (April 2 2018)

Last week, my dog, bunbun had a vaccination and a bordetella oral vaccination at Elk Grove Pet Clinic. They were very reliable, kind, and professional as usual

Talula (Schaumburg IL ) Dog Dental (Aug 21, 2018)

Our “son” Camo is a pitbull/boxer mix (80/20). He loves to chew on everything especially little plush toys that squeak at him. One day he chewed so hard that he pulled out one of his lower teeth…

Beata (Schaumburg IL) puppy vaccinations (April 3 2018)

We just bought a puppy in for vaccinations.. I was very satisfied with our first visit.

Lore (Elk Grove Village IL ) adopting a dog (Mar 12 2018)

Wonderful vet hospital! We adopted our dog Zoe from Dr. Stram’s office in 2015 and could not be happier with our choice! We love Zoe very much.

Yuko (Elk Grove Village IL) Dog Cushing Treatment (July 2 2018)

Dr. Stram and his staff have been so caring, professional, kind and answers all my questions.

Don (Elk Grove Village IL) Dr Stram Veterinarian ( Feb 12 2018 )

And Dr. Stram is a real good guy who really loves animals. Thanks for everything.

Eileen (Elk Grove Village IL ) Best Veterinarian (Jan 17 2018)

We have been going to Elk Grove Pet Clinic for over 20 years now with the two dogs we have had. They are the best vets.

Leslie (Elk Grove Village IL) Dr Stram Elk Grove Pet Clinic (Feb 27 2018)

We love Dr. Stram, his personality, his people skills, his knowledge and skills and his compassion for animals!

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