February 19, 2018

Before You Trust Your Pet's Health To A Cut-Rate Vaccination Mill, Please Request A Quote.

Kristen (Elk Grove Village IL) Sick Puppy Care (Sep 9 2017)

Our puppy came to us very sick and Dr Stram was very compassionate, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile

Debbie (Elk Grove Village IL ) Dog Ate Ibuprofen (Nov 23 2017)

My dog has been very healthy after a scare with ingesting Ibuprofen

Stephanie (Elk Grove Village IL) Dog Diabetes (Sept 9 2017 )

My dog has diabetes and they have always been so helpful and kind. It’s one thing to take care of your pet medically but they are always so friendly as well.

Sandra (Elk Grove Village IL ) Dog Tumor Removal (Sep 06 2017)

Dr. Stram and his team have always been great with our dogs …. Our dog Honey had an alarmingly large tumor on her leg….

Brian (Elk Grove Village IL ) Best Cat Clinic (May 6 2017 )

The Elk Grove Pet clinic is the best clinics that I have ever trusted my pets health to. Dr. Stram is very caring and compassionate.

Cheryl (Schaumburg IL) Excellent Veterinary Services (May 5 2017)

Dr. Stram and his staff have been providing excellent veterinary health care to my dogs for years.

SL (Elk Grove Village IL ) Cat Adoption (Aug 10, 2017)

Doctor Greg was friendly and personable gave my newly adopted cat a thorough exam.

Judy (Bensenville IL) Dog Rabies Vaccinations (Apr 7 2017)

We have been bringing our pets, family members, to Elk Grove Pet Clinic for many years.

KLB (Elk Grove Village IL ) Dog Blood Test (Feb 15 2017)

There have been some very unpleasant experiences with previous pets with previous vets so we feel very fortunate to have found Dr, Stram and the caring staff at the Elk Grove clinic.

Marisol (Elk Grove Village IL ) Best Vet ( Apr 01, 2017 )

This is one of the best vets and vet clinics you could find. The care they take is the best…,

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