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Kitten Cat Declaw may be your only alternative.

Hi. I’m Dr. Stram from Elk Grove Pet Clinic, and I want to talk about feline declawing.  Often feline declawing is done at the same time as spay neuter.

You might one day want to make the decision to have your pet declawed. This might be because you may be concerned about your feline one day wanting to scratch up the furniture or even take a swipe at a child that might be playing too rough. An animal scratch can scar a child’s face for life.

If the decision is made to declaw your feline pet, I want be able to discuss the different options.

Kitten Cat Declaw Methods.

There are several different methods for declawing cats.

There’s a method called the Resco Technique. The animal is anesthetized, and a Resco nail trimmer is used to chop the nail from the paw. It is a “guillotine” type of nail trimmer. In my opinion, it is a crude way to declaw an animal. It makes a good-sized hole. It is sharp, but not as sharp as it should be. It does a good deal of tearing and not enough of a cutting motion. The holes that it creates are very big, and it takes a bit longer for the animal to heal. If you are not really, really good at that technique then what happens is that the animal can be in a lot of pain afterwards. Also, a piece of the pet’s bone may be left behind because it’s not as accurate because you are not able to see the bone as you do the chopping.

A second technique that is used is a laser that people will use in order to cut the claw. You’ve got to be fairly skilled to be able to remove the claw with that laser. What I don’t like about it is that the laser seals the edge of the skin by burning it. It does seal it so that the edges don’t bleed. Burning the edge of the skin around that toe causes a delay in the healing of the declaw site. It is not a good of a method as using the scalpel.

Kitten Cat Declaw has been performed hundreds of times.

The scalpel dissection is the method that I like to use. The animal is anesthetized. I put a tourniquet on each limb that is going to be declawed. I then use a scalpel to make an incision in the skin. I then retract the skin back and cut the four tiny little ligaments that hold the claw. The claw is removed after that. We don’t use any sutures or any glue. It’s a fresh edge. It heals rapidly to the other edge a lot more quickly than you would expect with a laser. The animals are usually up and walking fairly well the next day. We do keep them in our clinic after the surgery for a couple of days so that the pet does not become too active and break open any of the incisions. We do a great deal of pain management on these guys because we don’t want them to be in any kind of discomfort. We also have the option of using a fentanyl patch that we put on the animal the night before the declaw. This is done so that when the animal is being declawed, it has the benefit of having the fentanyl on board in order to prevent the animal from being in any pain. The cats that we see for this surgery tend to do very well. We’ve done this procedure on hundreds and hundreds of cats with this method, and we have never had any kind of a problem with it.

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Cat Kitten Declaw may be the only alternative to getting rid of the cat. A cat scratch can scar a child’s face for life. No one can guarantee cat behavior.

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