July 30, 2018

Before You Trust Your Pet's Health To A Cut-Rate Vaccination Mill, Please Request A Quote.

Cheryl (Schaumburg IL) Excellent Veterinary Services (May 5 2017)

Dr. Stram and his staff have been providing excellent veterinary health care to my dogs for years.

SL (Elk Grove Village IL ) Cat Adoption (Aug 10, 2017)

Doctor Greg was friendly and personable gave my newly adopted cat a thorough exam.

Judy (Bensenville IL) Dog Rabies Vaccinations (Apr 7 2017)

We have been bringing our pets, family members, to Elk Grove Pet Clinic for many years.

KLB (Elk Grove Village IL ) Dog Blood Test (Feb 15 2017)

There have been some very unpleasant experiences with previous pets with previous vets so we feel very fortunate to have found Dr, Stram and the caring staff at the Elk Grove clinic.

Marisol (Elk Grove Village IL ) Best Vet ( Apr 01, 2017 )

This is one of the best vets and vet clinics you could find. The care they take is the best…,

Jeffery (Streamwood IL) Pet Vaccinations (Mar 05 2017)

Jeffery (Streamwood IL) Pet Vaccinations (Mar 05 2017) Pet Vaccinations Pet Vaccination Streamwood IL: My wife has been using your pet clinic for years. She would never consider taking our pet anywhere else, and you have been taking care of our current dog, Wrigley for over 7 years already! Thank you. Written by: Jeffery Streamwood […]

Lisa (Elk Grove Village IL ) Best Vet (Feb 27, 2017 )

Dr. Stram is simply the best vet there is. He is spot on with his diagnosis and treatment of our 2 cats and dog

Kathy (Schaumburg IL ) Best Veterinarian (Feb 10 2017)

Dr. Stram is thorough and explains everything in language a “pet parent” can understand.

Daniel (Elk Grove Village IL) Dr. Stram Best Pet Vet (Feb 1 2017 )

Dr. Stram is an excellent veterinarian that is very caring and compassionate towards animals. He is always friendly and takes great care of our dog.

EG (Elk Grove Village IL) Dog Friendly Vet (Jan 16, 2017)

… very friendly with our pets even though they may not be so friendly back…not because of the care..just because they don’t play nice outside the home!

Elk Grove Pet Clinic